Frequently Asked Questions about Gift Cards and Rewards


How do I find out the balance on my gift card?

We have many ways to check the balance on your goft card!

For plastic in-salon issued gift cards, have your card in front of you with card number and PIN ready, and check your balance HERE.

For paper gift cards or online-purchased cards, please give us a call at 520.325.000, email us at, or use Live Chat to chat with a representative who can assist you!

For black cards recieved from Chapman Automotive/Mercedes Dealerships, the balance is $80!

Any other balance inquiries, please feel free to call during normal business hours!

I can't get my gift card to

We are so sorry you are experiencing difficulties with our website! Please call us at 520.322.9434 or start a Live Chat.  

I lost my gift card, what do I do?

We will try to locate it for you, however we cannot guarantee replacement and may need proof of purchase from you prior to being able to replace. Please call 520.322.9434 to discuss the options.

My recipient did not receive their email for a gift card, what do I do? 

This can happen when the recipient’s junk email filter is set, or when Gadabout is not a trusted sender. We can help you resend the message by contacting us directly at 520.322.9434 or via Live Chat.

Do you offer any loyalty programs?

Yes! When you purchase a gift card of $600 or more, we give you 10% extra! More info here!